Rugged Tents | 8 persons

Our Rugged Storm Tents are very spacious and fully equipped with a kitchen, dining area, and wooden beds. The tents can each accommodate four people. During the day you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Molenbeekdal, and in the evenings you can make a campfire in front of the tent! If you rent the tents in combination with the chalets, we set up a 5 by 5 meter army tent as a communal area.Vakante Meerlo’s Rugged Tents group accommodation lies in Meerlo (North Limburg), 8 km from Horst and Venray, and 17 km from Venlo. The accommodation lies a 15 minute drive from Airport Niederrhein.

The many beautiful hiking areas of National Park Maasduinen lie a 15 to 20 minute drive from this holiday home.

Vakantie Meerlo_stel_hier_uw_vraag (500 x 300)